Bot for CityVille

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Bot for CityVille

CityVille bot is a program which possible you more effective play CityVille.
Bot is easy to use and absolutely free.

Bot features:
1)Seed and harvest crops
2)Collect rent
3)Collect and supply business buildings
4)NEW!!! Exploite = Unlimited coins
5)Bot functional based on plugins, and if you want you can create your own plugin.


Download CityVille bot

CityVille bot ver1.58
1) Zynga changes fixed by community

Download bot with images (14Mb)


Mirror2 (mediafire)

CityVille bot ver1.57
1) Wikia v0.3B by Lucifer 
By 12christiaan
2) Added item name in collection landmark etc. [ from sugestions ]
2) You can now sellect the business that need to be collected. (save energy) [ Buildings v0.9 ] 
3) Neighbors, removed "any" from the franchise items. you have to sellect the franchise yourselfs.
4) Multi Sending gift: Better logging.
5) Multi Sending gift: Allow up to 3 faults befor giving up. [Multi Version 0.7 ]

Download bot with images (12Mb)



CityVille bot ver1.56
1) By 12christiaan
2) Fixed: foreach() ... on line 729
3) Added streakBonus3 into Neighbor plugin. [Neighbor v 0.6]
4) Multi: you can change your city name (thx to phreaker ) [Multi v 0.6]
5) Added extra files, to be compatible with older BOT's

Download bot with images (12Mb)



CityVille bot ver1.55
By 12christiaan
1) Multi: Sending gifts from inventory works again. ( curl dll can be removed. )
2) Extra log on colectables found while running bot. ( config via botclass )
3) Fixes in botclass
4) Buildings: Collect Landmarks [ Buildings v0.8 ]
5) Buildings: Collect Municipal Buildings [ Buildings v0.8 ]
6) Buildings: Clear Wildernes = cut trees [ Buildings v0.8 ]
7) Collecting streakBonus everyware (No need to run edited versions) 
[ streakBonus3 ] config via botclass
8)streakBonus2 removed

By p627
9) ULink 1.7+Map 1.6+Forum 0.6
Download bot with images (12Mb) Mirror1 Mirror2
CityVille bot ver1.54
1) php_curl disabled

By p627
2) UnlimitedLink 1.5 + Map 1.4 +Forum 0.6

By 12christiaan
3) Plugin Coin3 updated
4) Fix for: Multi : Sending gift
Download bot with images (12Mb)
CityVille bot ver1.53
1) New plugin GameSettings by Lucifer
2) Plugin Energy removed
By 12christiaan
3) New plugin Coin3
4) Fix for: Fatal error: Class 'Zend_Config_Writer_Xml' not found
5) Multi: Sending inventory items to neighbors. 
So you can manage the max 2000 inventory items.
6) Nice to send items from dummy account to your own.
Download bot with images (12Mb) Mirror1
CityVille bot ver1.52
By 12christiaan
BotClass & localdata change to find you neighbors correctly.
Fix: Neighbor plugin. (empty N list)
Fix: Energy Plugin. Fix for Error 002 (Energy)
Added in Multi a overview of you Neighbors.

By p627
UnlimitedLink 1.1 + Map 0.8 +Forum 0.3

Coins2 plugin patched by Zynga (removed)
SpecialItem plugin patched by Zynga (removed)
Download bot with images (12Mb) Mirror1 Mirror2 Mirror3
CityVille bot ver1.51
Plugin Collection - removed

By 12christiaan
Energy: Version 1.0 released.
Energy: Added a import file with 10000 options (see tmp_dir)
Energy: Able to import the Energy database
Energy: Able to clear the Energy database (not recomanded)
Energy: Able to backup the Energy database
Energy: Preventing the 0 options error, now adding automaticly. 
no need to visit Neighbors first.
Download bot with images (12Mb) Mirror
CityVille bot ver1.5
Download bot with images (13Mb) Mirror1 Mirror2
CityVille bot ver1.4
1) ver1.3 + Plugin forum disabled ;) Download bot with images (10Mb) Mirror1 Mirror2
CityVille bot ver1.3
1) Too many changes ;) Download
CityVille bot ver1.2
1) 12christiaan release ;) 2) UnlimitedLink plugin by p627 Download
CityVille bot ver1.1
1) first release ;) Download

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